Friday, 19 December 2014


There are times I need to get drunk to make it stop! 

"Make it stop what have you got, that day in, day out, they think you forgot?"

I reply in shades of hopeless blue, it's the past it's  the history for you.

But this past you thought I forgot it sits up and bites me on the bum a lot!!!

"What but you have forgot!!!!!  it's been years you must not be so shameless and weak!!!!!"

I reply "my years of tears in my bedroom I'll keep, incase  I freak". 

Be near me lord, please be the hand in which my drunken  soul and I safely land.

For there must be a place much further on were, my imperfections no longer are shone.

A place were in the cruel light if day my 'inner child' can play.

Dear lord please don't make me the child you forgot, when you gave out grace to forgive the lot!!.

 The sin you see was not even mind it was afflicted on my body, you made so fine.

So dear lord forgive me the drunken, whole friggin lot! It's in you I put the whole bloody lot!!

Dedicated to beautiful R.