Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Circles V springs. (tiny poem).

Sometimes it can feel you go round and round.
You hit the scenarios again and again, no ending to be found.

Round and round and round in circles trapped.
The same problems the same feelings The same crap.

No begin no ending, hang on a minute but what's that?
Time ticks on, moves you forward "oh I've been such a pratt!".

It was all a lie, a circle it never was, 
It was actually a spring
as time ticks forward; upward I cling.

Each time I face the same old same old. 
I face them anew!
With a days new safety in my belt and more knowledge like a welcome home brew.

don't forget the circles a lie!
It's in the spring of life you reside
Each time the same old problem comes around it's further up that coiled spring your bound.

You've moved another coil, 
meet the same old friend or foe.

Time can make the coils feel wide 
or squashed together 
But remember my friend in a circle you are not trapped! Not ever!....
Keep climbing. Keep moving.