Friday, 28 February 2014

A simple mess.

Sometimes things build up and get overwhelming; the flat crusts up as if it were a piece of metal rusting in the rain (wet cold and unyielding).

The ability to deal with the rusty crust and to know how much effort it's going to take to sand it back to to metal stops me in my tracks (fear creeps in I gulp it down and look again). I know what it needs. 

You need to fill the dents and prime it up. Give it a first thin coat so it doesn't show a drip and then a second (possibly a final third coat) so it ends finished  in a lustrous deep colour of white.

Ah yes! when the flat creeps into a concentrated mess of layers and sub layers. The easy thing to do would be to sit paralysed  and unable to take your finger out of the dyke for fear of drowning. 

Boldly I learned one day from a friend the following: Go into the mess and pick one thing up. Ask yourself "were does this belong?" Take the item and put it away, if it had no 'home' then make it one. 

"If" my friend said "all you do is make a 'home' for that one item, you will have made the rust crust easier to penetrate next time. You will have done well, enjoy that small brave victory, and felt the achievement". 

This advice set me free. For the first time as and adult I lived in cleanliness with 'homes' for everything. Today something new crept into the viewing of the rust crust situation. It no longer seemed to be an unending cover of damp wet brown and I saw it in coloured objects of individualism. A shirt, a toy, a dirty plate covered in vegetable peelings, a cat litter tray, a piece of wood that should be outside, and a pile of wood that should be outside!

The blanket of brown is not there. I look and I  just see items in a mess!!. That's it, that's all they are!! And I can do something about it!!

 I pick a piece up and I put it away, no overwhelm as it's not an elephant I'm trying to eat laboriously one mouthful at a time. It's just mess, a simple mess! I see it for what it is and I smile :-) :-) :-).  It's so simple, perfectly simple!!! Just a mess that needs putting away. I smile again and get on with it, considering the possibility of a bomb fire!.